“Mare Nostrum”, Danzig 2014,

360 Minutes of Art Exhibition – a sophisticated project with a guerrilla tactic that has never been so merciless before.

SA-PO Artists Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec are presenting an excerpt of their artworks during at the event “360 MINUTES ART: VOLUME 4″ in Danzig, Poland.
The highly anticipated exhibition, famous for its radical way of presenting original artworks, is has beenbe held on Saturday, Oktober 03th, 2015, in B90 in the Danzig Harbour.
All artworks are unique art pieces, multi-layer glass, 90 x 60 x 3 cm, single Edition.

SA-PO Art MareNostrum Mare_Nostrum 160x90

“Mare Nostrum”, 2015 : Dysfunktional Protection System.

SA-PO Art : Frontex 160x90

“Frontex”, 2015 : They shall not pass.

SA-PO Art : Lif-belts 160x90

“Life Belts”, 2015 : an unexpected arrival.


The 360 Minutes Art exhibition runs for exactly 6 hours.
Only in this short time frame can visitors admire the unpublished, never seen before artworks. Once the time is up all unsold artworks will be burned and destroyed forever. This social-critical event inevitably forces us to examine the value of art in relation to the constantly accelerating life of our fast paced society.