Danzig, 04. 10. 2015

SA-PO Art Team (Sven Sauer & Igor Posavec) was attending the 360 Minutes Art Exhibition in Danzig, Poland in the absolutely wonderful interior of B90 Hall. We have exposed our brand new artworks series “Mare Nostrum” consisting of 3 original and uniqie art pieces. All 3 Artworks has been admired by thousand visitors and sold during this remarkable evening.

The new series of Images were produced with a completely new technique: 3D Multi-layer glass. The images, layered and stacked in glass blocks achieve unique 3d effect of depth and brilliance: the visitors wander around them and which each step the space extends and cause parallax movement. The size of the images is 160 cm x 90 cm.

We invite you herewith to visit our virtual gallery and look around in one of the most impressive exhibition places we have experienced so far…