SA-PO Warsaw art exhibitionSA-PO Warsaw Art Exhibition Igor Posavec Sven SauerSA-PO team (Sven Sauer & Igor Posavec) has successfully exposed their artworks during the highly anticipated “360 Minutes Art” exhibition in Warsaw, on October 18th, 2014. We are proud to announce that 4 Artworks has found the art lovers who will decorate their walls. The fifth artwork has already became legendary, since it was booked, yet the person did not manage to enter the building till 21:00h and pick it up. According to the rules, at 21:00h the doors closes and the remaining artworks must be destroyed. The art lover has managed to enter few minutes later the back-yard, just in the moment as his favorite landed into fire… This tragic end fits perfectly to the whole concept of the exhibition and the name and expression of the destroyed artwork!


SA-PO Warsaw Art Exhibition sold out