After a year of hard work on the new ideas and techniques, we will present on 03. October 2015 in Danzig (Poland) to the public  a series of brand new artworks. The new Artworks confront us all with the latest changes in the society. We put this deep and controversy theme into yet unseen visual presentation form.

The “360 minutes art”  exhibition runs for exactly 6 hours in the port of Danzig. The visitors can view the so far unpublished, never seen before artworks only during that time. Once the time is up, all unsold artworks will be burned and destroyed.
This social-critical event inevitably forces the viewer to examine the value of art in relation to the constantly accelerating life of our fast paced society.

Date: 03. 10. 2015 Starts: 16.00 h – Danzig B90

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