360 Minutes of Art Exhibition, Warsaw, 2014 – a sophisticated project with a guerrilla tactic that has never been so merciless before:
Art emerges and can be seen only at this time and only by the visitors of this show. And it disappears again.
Either with a buyer. Or after the exhibition in the fire.

SA-PO is proud to announce the exhibition during the event “360 MINUTES ART: VOLUME 2″ in Warsaw.

The highly anticipated exhibition, famous for its radical way of presenting original artworks, has been held on October 18th, 2014, at the SOHO Factory in Warsaw, Poland.

SA-PO Artwork - Electric sheep dreaming

“Electric sheep dreaming”, 2014

SA-PO Artwork - Grubenvogel

“Grubenvogel”, 2014

SA-PO Artwork - Memory Prothesis

“Memory Prothesis”, 2014

SA-PO Artwork - Synthesia Overdose

“Synthesia Overdose”, 2014

The Warsaw Event “360 Minutes Art : Volume 2″ has be exhibited in Soho Factory, 18 października, godz. on 18 October 2014. Over 2500 visitors has poured in the huge SOHO Factory hall, enjoying the amazing interior and exposed artworks. SA-PO art team memebers, Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec, has been there showing their latest mix-media Artworks serial called “Grid Lock”.

SA-PO Warsaw Art Exhibition impressions