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Here you find press material (in parts) about our recent exhibitions and work. For the full articles, please download the presskit attached.

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“Their artworks are sophisticated and impressive. They play with light and shadow, take the audience along with them and excite its fantasy.
It´s the viewers choice what to believe as real or unreal. He decides what he wants to see or not.e.”

Full Article: Frankfurter Rundschau

“Beautiful massive Artwork”

“Master of Backdrop”

Full Article: Harper´s Bazaar

“A Head full of Magic Worlds”

Full Article: ARD

“From a creative standpoint I’m mind-blown. These are the most skillful digital works I’ve had on my screen so far.”

Full Article: Witness This

“Intriguing artworks”

“Fascinating surreal.
The artists combine the dilemma of “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” with their own observations of the cities as a crucible for social and technological media.”

” If machines have a soul, …fantastic creations show the isolated streets of society to a lost robot “

“Each piece contains a nested comment on modern society. Find an intimate, emotional familiarity from the longing, curious and situational obtuse of a primary subject.”

“…what it is that separates humana from machines?
This beautiful touching artworks, depicting a machine that turns on the viewer, putting us human beings into an unexpected empathy test.”

“The resulting collections represent a whimsical and charming narrative about society’s technological development and interactions, showing the robot(s) inhabiting man-made environments but in a humorous and non-threatening manner.”

“An awesome series featuring a nostalgic giant.
Cleverly mixes to create a dark universe.”

“Their vision of the possible future”

“He creates magical worlds of dreams”

Full Article: Die Welt