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SA-PO is the art collective of Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec. Since 2012, the two artists have been focusing on the connection between social movements and local structures within mega-cities (such as Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, and Seoul) as being a representative for our modern world. Their works expose symptoms of a society and show the tempo of our develop-oriented technology, which seems to have extravasated the human capacity to absorb.

The result is an exhilarating rationalist romanticism for a civilization, which becomes obsessed of being addicted to reality.

While challenging the viewer´s perception of art, the detailed paintings aim to visualize the human quest for identity and intimacy amid the global brand epidemic.


Sven Sauer und Igor Posavec

Sven Sauer


Sven Sauer is a famous matte-painting artist, known for his work on international movie productions like Lars von Triers „Melancholie“, J.J.Abrahams „Super8“ or Joseph Kosinskis“Oblivion”.
He has received several awards, including an “Academy Award Oscar- Best Visual Achievement“ for his work in Martin Scorsese’s Film “Hugo” and is a three-time EMMY Award winner for “Outstanding Special and Visual Effects” with the HBO Production “Game of Thrones”. He is a member of the “Visual Effects Society” as well as a juror of the “German Filmacademie”

Sven Sauer has evolved a visual technology to transform the stage into a new visual experience for the audience. In 2012, both Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec started creative development in stage design at the State Theatre Wiesbaden. It was there Sauer and Posavec became passionate about different forms of media and new technological innovations. By blending virtual effects into real world settings, they create optical illusions, which are rich in details and profound in sense.
Sven Sauer works and lives in Berlin.

Igor Posavec


Igor Posavec is an illustrious 3D designer, visual developer and lecturer for digital art and technology. His experience includes 20 years of design, game art, and product design. Some of his designs belong to the classics of 3D and CG creations, like the fantastic Physikus worlds or the Perry Rhodan Game adventure style.

By resorting to the accumulated experience from several productions, Igor Posavec developed a unique visual language to incarnate his ideas. Together with Sven Sauer he has founded the “SA-PO” art collective, which successfully manifests their dramatic artworks during the “360 Minutes Art” exhibitions.
Igor Posavec lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany.