This Friday the popular Art Portal “WITNESS THIS” has published an in-depth coverage and review about SA-PO creative worlds. Well-known for their unbiased articles and high level choice of art themes, we are very thrilled see their critics and the way how they are confronting with our visual ideas. The following editorial is a remarkable, very detailed and almost intimate point of view at our graphics. We highly recommend to check it out!
Founded in 2010 in Los Angeles, California, WITNESS THIS is now headquartered in Berlin, Germany. This Art Portal is a showcases beautiful things and exposes art from the creative fields left and right of the mainstream.
We invite you to read this great article about their impressions of our Artwork directly at the WITNESS THIS ART Portal.


SA-PO at Witness this Art Portal

“And movies are what these guys are best at. From a creative standpoint I’m mind-blown. The storytelling is fantastic. These are the most skillful digital works I’ve had on my screen so far. It’s important to note that our gallery doesn’t do justice to the genius in SA-PO’s compositions : the originals are 180x120cm Lambda photo paper. You would need to see them in real life, and you’d be blown away by the level of detail. The 3D modeling, gradings and shadows are nothing less than world-class.”


 sa-po witness-this meaning

For the full article, please visit the Art Portal “WITNESS THIS“.

Berlin, 25. 03. 2015