Lissabon: SA-PO Art at Charivari Vol.1

The visual creations of SA-PO were this time presented in Lissabon, during the Charivari Vol 1 Exhibition. The famous Collection of “Maschinenträume 1”, “Maschinenträume 2” and “Gridlock” was for the first time shown to the public... read more

Danzig Exhibition: Aftermath

Danzig, 04. 10. 2015 SA-PO Art Team (Sven Sauer & Igor Posavec) was attending the 360 Minutes Art Exhibition in Danzig, Poland in the absolutely wonderful interior of B90 Hall. We have exposed our brand new artworks series “Mare Nostrum” consisting of... read more

SA-PO presents new works in Danzig

After a year of hard work on the new ideas and techniques, we will present on 03. October 2015 in Danzig (Poland) to the public a series of brand new artworks. The new Artworks confront us all with the latest changes in the society. We put this deep and controversy theme into yet unseen visual presentation form.

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We are proud to present a limited art-print edition of our last series at SAKURA GALLERY PARIS. Sakura Gallery Paris offers the complete Maschinenträume I and II SA-PO Art Collection. Artprints are available here:... read more

“WITNESS THIS” : Story about SA-PO Art

This Friday the popular Art Portal “WITNESS THIS” has published an in-depth coverage and review about SA-PO creative worlds. Well-known for their unbiased articles and high level choice of art themes, we are very thrilled see their critics and the way how... read more

“360 minutes art” – Seoul event review

Precisely at 6 pm, the large digital clock projection on the wall of the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art announced the end of the “360 Minutes Art – Volume 3” exhibition. Twelve artist from Europe and Korea have offered the art lovers of Seoul a... read more

SA-PO Seoul exhibition: impressions

We have just returned from the exhibition in the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art. Heavily impressed by the city of Seoul, Korean culture and the art, we bring you some visual impression from the 360 Minutes Art... read more

Announcement: SA-PO at exhibition in Seoul – Asia art event

SA-PO Artists Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec are going to exhibit their artworks at the upcoming event “360 MINUTES ART: VOLUME 3″ in Seoul, South Korea. The highly anticipated exhibition, famous for its radical way of presenting original artworks, is going to be held on... read more

SA-PO Warsaw: Press Reviews

“Shocking images of incinerated artworks!” “A perverted reflection on transience…” “An extraordinary even in the art scene…” “An unforgettable event.” “The event is in protest to the present role of... read more

SA-PO Art at Warsaw exhibtion

SA-PO team (Sven Sauer & Igor Posavec) has successfully exposed their artworks during the highly anticipated “360 Minutes Art” exhibition in Warsaw, on October 18th, 2014. We are proud to announce that 4 Artworks has found the art lovers who will... read more

Warsaw V2 Exhibition impressions

SA-PO has just returned from Warsaw, with a bag full of beautiful impressions. The Warsaw “360 Minutes Art Volume 2” exhibition was an remarkable happening, both in terms of location and the public. We have learned many new nice people, creative artists... read more

SA-PO artworks in the heavy industry complex

The SA-PO team (Sven Sauer & Igor Posvec) is going to exhibit their 5 selected and unique artworks in the colossal SOHO heavy industry hall in Warsaw. The Event “360 Minutes Art : Volume 2″ is scheduled for 18 October 2014 in Soho Factory, 18 października, Wasaw,... read more

Press release: Volume 2 in Warsaw announced!

SA-PO is proud to announce the upcoming event “360 MINUTES ART: VOLUME 2″. Our team (Igor Posavec and Sven Sauer) will be there and expose their newest artwork creations! The highly anticipated exhibition, famous for its radical way of presenting original artworks, is... read more

SOLD OUT – at 360 minutes art Vol.1

SA-PO has just returned back from the “360 minutes art” exhibition, leaving none of their artworks in the fire stake. The complete Art Collection of “Maschinenträume” was sold out, the robot dreams are safe, have new home and decorate the walls... read more

“Crazy Art Auction in Wiesbaden”

What Won’t Be Sold, Will Be Burnt Crazy Art Exhibition in Wiesbaden Works of artists burning in the yard of the Old Court of Wiesbaden – Controversial action! Dozens of artworks burn. People watch head-shaking and clapping! Last Saturday, the crazy art... read more

“A head full of magic worlds”

“His award winning fantasy landscapes send fans of film and series worldwide into rapture”   Oscar Winner Sven Sauer A Head Full of Magic Worlds His award winning fantasy-landscapes send fans of film and series worldwide into rapture: The Wiesbaden... read more

“We cannot always have everything everywhere at any time”

Now or Never: Artists Burn Their Unsold Artworks After “360 Minutes Art” Time can be a merciless opponent, even for artworks: An unusual concept-art exhibition was held on May 17 in a former prison ward in Wiesbaden. The visitors had exactly 360 minutes time to decide... read more
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